Friday, October 24, 2008

I LOVE Having Jayden back!!! He learns new things every single day. He talks and surprises me every day. My favorite is when he says momma another hug or momma another kiss before he goes to bed. It is so sweet!!!

Jayden would not put down his toys long enough to take a picture... But he still looks VERY CUTE!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

After those long two months I got my baby boy back... (According to Jayden he's a big boy) Jayden has done so well going back to school... He has learned how to count to 13. He knows Hola and Adios. He learns a new letter every day. It was cute when Jayden started learning Adios. I went to pick him up and I got there at the end of his spanish class. The teacher asked Jayden how do you say Goodbye... Jayden says goodbye... The teacher says no in spanish... Jayden then says spanish... It was so cute!!! I am loving every second of him being home!!!!!

Me and the kids. I got to see my favorite little girl....

Everyone knows I went 2 months without seeing Jayden.... Well 2 weeks ago I went to Utah for Crystals wedding and to pick up Jayden.... I MISSED HIM So much!!!

After dinner and spending time at the lake we all went Country dancing. It was a very fun night!

Everyone that came that knew about it.

The Ring... Chris picked it out never seen it never gave him any ideas on what I like. He made a good choice!!

Misty, Ethan, Rylie were all there.... This was a total surprise.

Me and Jayden have some good new we would like to share. September 20th Chris proposed to me at the lake. Misty and Chris set it up and after he proposed all our friends were there and we ate dinner and went Country dancing. Country dancing at Red River is where me and Chris met.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello Everyone.... I am getting really excited!!! I get to go to Utah on October 1st and at 7:30pm my plain gets in and I will get to see JAYDEN!!! I have not seen him since August 6th. I cannot wait this week cannot go fast enough! Hopefully I will have some new pictures to finally post. I talked to Jayden the other night and he said Momma I love you and in the same sentence he told me about Buzz years.... It has been so hard to hear that and not be able to hug the cute boy who says that. I have missed him so much!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello Everyone... It has been forever since I have posted. But I haven't really had my cute boy to post any pictures. Jayden has been with his dad ever since August 6th. YES I am going crazy!! I miss him so much. I get to go and pick him up when I go home for Crystals Wedding October 3rd. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I talk to Jayden everyday. I was so excited the other day he told me Momma I home. It made me feel so good knowing he wanted to come home. Jayden talks alot on the phone he will tell me about his cars, Buzz Years (Light year). He tells me he goes in the water and goes down the slide. There are some pictures on Crystals blog of Jayden when he went swimming and when he was with Ariana the cuttest girl. If you go to momandme blog there are some pictures of Jayden. He is getting so tall.

Well I hope that everyone is doing well I miss all of you and hope to see you when I come up to visit. I still LOVE it here in Texas Everything is going really well here for us!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My baby is a big boy now. We had a really good day. The kids played all day. The party was suppose to be over at 1 but they played till 4. It Was a nice sunny day. By the time we got the bounce house and everything cleaned up it started to thunder and rain. Perfect timing and day.Thank you everyone for your gifts, cards and phone calls Jayden loved them! WE love and Miss all of you!!!

Jayden eating his Baseball cupcake. We sang happy birthday and we didn't even finish the song and he blew his candle out. He knew what to do this year!

The kids had a blast at Jayden's 3rd birthday Party it was on Sunday July 13, 2008. They played in the bounce house, Played on the trampoline and played in the water. Everyone that knows Jayden He LOVES the water!!!

My baby turned 3!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My nephew Ethan is only 4 years old and he is already wakeboarding. Everyone that knows Reid knows he skateboards, Wakeboards, and snow boards and Ethan does to. I am a very proud Aunt!!

Reid and Ethan doing the punk rocker sign.... Ethan is sooooo cute!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

After the sparklers it was time to get Lightning Mcqueen Pajama's on to watch the fireworks. We were at a friends lake house so we saw 4 different fireworks shows. We had alot of fun and hope every one had a fun and safe 4th of July!

Jayden LOVED the sparklers and fireworks... the only problem he wanted to touch it. If I didn't help hold it he would try to grab the wrong end.

Jayden had fun playing in the water before the fireworks... He was cracking himself up and his laugh was making us laugh. He also wanted to get the dog included in the water.

Me and Jayden 4th of

Thursday, July 3, 2008

After all those pictures we finally got a really good one. We took the kids to the Harbor to get pictures done. As usual Jayden had huge ants in his pants. We got some really cute ones. You might have to scroll alot because I added alot. This was last Saturday.
We will post some new pics soon. Me and Jayden hope everyone has a fun and Safe 4th of July.