Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Ya'll (The Texas way) We are doing great! I know I know we really need to get some pictures up. I promise in the next few weeks. Trying to get my camera to work with my computer. Even though I don't have any pictures I HAD to post some really cute things that Jayden has said. We put up our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving and have had it up for 2 weeks and I went and bought stockings for Christmas. I hung them up and Jayden goes look Momma it's Christmas. He never once mentioned Christmas, Santa nothing until he saw those stockings. from that point on he was so into Christmas.
We all know how little kids at the age 3 can pick up the funniest maybe not so good words. Well Jayden picked up the word Stupid and I made sure he knew that was bad and he should not say it. Well I was driving in the car and said that stupid car is in the way. Jayden goes MOM don't say that word! Made it soooooo hard not to laugh. So now if anyone says the word stupid Jayden will tell you don't say that word!
The day after New years I was taking down our Christmas tree and Jayden goes momma where's Christmas. I said it is over. He goes over I said yeah. He just looked at me so stressed. Well the next morning I was taking him to school and our Neighbor still had Christmas lights up and Jayden goes Momma look it's christmas.
Jayde is growing up so fast! I cannot believe the things he is saying and remembers. My favorite right now is I say On your mark... Jayden says get set and we both say squeeze and he hugs me so tight. It is so cute the little things that he says and does with me.
He has a good friend at school Named Spencer. He trys to tell me he wants to take his toys to show Spencer. But that is his little way of trying to get to take toys to school. But Jayden's teacher said that Jayden and Spencer are inseparable.
We ALMOST got the potty training down. Jayden has the pee part GREAT... the poop part not so great... Help any ideas anyone????!!!! I know when he is going and I go Jayden you need to go poo poo and while he is in the process of squeezing he goes no. lol!!! But he did go poop in the potty christmas day... Merry Christmas to me... But hasn't gone since.
Today Jayden leaves to go to Utah for a few weeks. I am haveing the hardest time not ready for him to leave. But I know Jayden is excited he keeps saying I go see Grandma. He loves his grandma's.
Well we hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a good New years! WE did! I will try to get some pictures up soon.

Love and miss all of you!