Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you to my sister. She watched Jayden Thursday night and took Friday off work and had Jayden all day. Crystal took Jayden to see my mom and dad! This is Jayden and his Cousin Canyon that he always talks to but never met. So cute!!!
My sister called me Friday night Laughing to tell me my dads garage was broken into I said thats not funny... She goes I know your son is... She told me they called the police and When the cop got there Jayden started interrigating the He first started off with Whats your name? Is that your cop car? Can I see your cop car? The cop told Jayden he would show him his car after he talked to Jayden's grandpa. As the cop was walking with my dad outside Jayden opens up the door and yells at the cop and says can I see the Jail to?! He is to freakin cute! I miss him like Crazy.
Last night he called to tell me it was snowing and it broke the TV. I guess the snow covered the dish to make the TV not work. Then Jayden said to me. I am going to get you mom love you bye. I miss him!
Thank you again Crystal for taking Jayden and sending the cute picture!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don't have any pictures but wanted to say how cute Jayden is. We had a great Halloween. We went over to my only relative that lives in TX my brothers house. When we got out of the car we realized that Jayden and his cousin Ethan were both the transformer bumblebee. Well we ended up going to my brothers neighbors house they have about 4 kids and they started going trick or treating. Wow I have never seen so many kids trick or treating in my life. The sidewalks would get so full that they were walking in the streets. My brother followed the kids around in the gulf cart and me and Chris were in our car. If the other kids didn't get tired Jayden never would have stopped trick or treating. We then went over to my brothers neighbors. The kids played and we all ate left about 11:30 Jayden was still wired ready to go. When I put him to bed that night he said tomorrow I am going to go trick or treating. He had alot of fun.
Jayden also started pre-K about 3 weeks ago and he loves it!!! He is learning letters and numbers. He is constantly counting and singing his abc's. Every week they have a new letter they learn. So his homework every night it to go to school with a new word that starts with that letter. Well his first week was the letter J. So we came up with Jump and Jayden. Well Jayden put them to gether and did Jumping Jayden. On our way to school one morning I go Jayden what starts with the letter J? He goes Jumping Jayden. I said that is awesome and he goes I know I am handsome... It was to cute!!!
Jayden left SAturday Nov 14th to Utah. It was very very hard and still is hard. I have talked to him every day since he has been gone. Me and Chris are going to have no kids around for Thanksgiving this year. So we are going to do the shopping on Friday morning. I am excited about that. We did it for the first time last year and we got alot of good stuff.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving.