Friday, September 17, 2010

Hanging out on a Friday night. Got a kids meal for dinner and inside we got this cool tattoo. Jayden wanted to show it off!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jayden did so good he sat in his desk. He smiled the nervous smile but he had no tears. I think the only tears that day was the little girl next to him. She had her mom and dad crying. Plus Me I had some tears. My baby is now a big boy! I am so proud of him!

Jayden's first day of school he was so excited! He wanted me to take tons of pictures. He did so much better than the meet the teacher night. Jayden also had to show off his cool big boy back pack. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!

This was meet the teacher night. On the way to the school Jayden got nervous. He told me he wasn't ready to go to kindergarten. We got to his classroom and he clinged to me and would not leave my side. He wouldn't sit in his chair to take a picture so this was as close to it as I could get for his meet the teacher night.

Jayden was so excited to start Kindergarten. One of the nights we got home Jayden had a post card addressed to him welcoming him into Mrs. Atteberry's class. He was so excited he had me read it 3 times. He really liked the part of Dear Jayden.

This was Jayden's last week in Pre-K. He got into the 100 club. He counted to 100 by himself. We practiced so hard every day. Jayden was so excited! They got to have Banana Splits. We will miss Essential Steps daycare and all the great teachers and friends. But Jayden told me he is 5 he HAS to go to Kindergarten now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jayden turned 5 yesterday. His baby pictures below are from his first birthday. I remember it like yesterday. I cannot believe how fast he has grown up. It flew by so fast! It was a really good day! I love you Handsome boy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everyone knows Jayden went to Utah for a whole month. It was the longest month ever. He has been back for almost a week it has been so nice having him home. While he was gone he learned how to Tie his shoes, He lost another tooth, He knows how to Whistle, and his all time favorite he learned how to arm fart... When I picked Jayden up from the airport he had a toy Buzz in his hand. He didn't say hi mom, or give me a hug. He took that buzz threw it down and said look what I can do started to show me the arm fart. This picture was taken today before school. I am really bad at taking pictures of myself. But atleast Jayden is all the way in the pic. I am so Happy he is home! He will be 5 in 12 days. I cannot believe how fast he has grown up!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Took over 50 pictures and we got one really good one of the kids. We had so much fun when Aunt Crystal came to visit. But for some strange reason we didn't pull out the camera very much except for this one day.

We still worked on getting them all to look. But going thru all the pictures made me smile on how cute they are and the faces they make. Before Jayden was always the youngest and we always had to say keep smiling until Jayden looks at the camera. As you can see Jayden still looks away and gets distracted.

As you can see we tried different poses but only got maybe 2 or 3 to look, But never at the same time but still cute anyways.

Crystal, Ariana and Canyon came to visit TX a couple weeks ago. We tried getting everyone's picture taken but it was definitely interesting. But I posted them anyways. Looking at what each one does in each picture is so cute and funny.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jayden lost his first tooth on April 20th. He was eating a cookie and said it broke. Chris went to look at what he was talking about and Chris said his tooth fell out. I was like no he is to young. Chris sure enough showed me his tooth I look over at Jayden and the expression on his face was so funny. It was between scared, and almost like he was going to cry and Jayden says I don't want to eat the cookie. I told him and reassured him the cookie didn't make his tooth fall out. That he is losing his baby teeth so he can get his big boy teeth. As you can see now it is the coolest thing ever.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This was the best pic I could do of the two of us. I am not good at that. But we had a great time I would definitely go on another field trip. That night Jayden told me he wanted me to be his teacher forever. So I guess I did a ok job. I loved spending the day with Jayden and all his friends!!

The kids got sooooo tired and started wanting to go home. I had all the kids in my group wanting me to hold them. But as soon as we got to the cool play ground everyone got that crazy energy back.

Ellie and Jayden on the carousel. Jayden was so excited!

I had 2 girls and 2 boys in my group Kate, Jayden, Engmar ( and he is Jayden's best friend) and Ali. They were really cute. We had to walk around the zoo holding hands. Other than Jayden having to constantly hold my hand, The 2 girls would NOT hold hands. Jayden falling and scraping his elbow, Kate not wearing socks and getting blisters. WE had a good time.

I was so lucky I got asked to go on Jayden field Trip to the zoo. It was my first field trip with Jayden. There are a total of 13 kids in Jayden's class and all of them showed up. I got 4 kids in my group 2 boys and 2 girls. I would definitely go and do it again.