Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jayden turned 5 yesterday. His baby pictures below are from his first birthday. I remember it like yesterday. I cannot believe how fast he has grown up. It flew by so fast! It was a really good day! I love you Handsome boy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everyone knows Jayden went to Utah for a whole month. It was the longest month ever. He has been back for almost a week it has been so nice having him home. While he was gone he learned how to Tie his shoes, He lost another tooth, He knows how to Whistle, and his all time favorite he learned how to arm fart... When I picked Jayden up from the airport he had a toy Buzz in his hand. He didn't say hi mom, or give me a hug. He took that buzz threw it down and said look what I can do started to show me the arm fart. This picture was taken today before school. I am really bad at taking pictures of myself. But atleast Jayden is all the way in the pic. I am so Happy he is home! He will be 5 in 12 days. I cannot believe how fast he has grown up!