Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jayden did so good he sat in his desk. He smiled the nervous smile but he had no tears. I think the only tears that day was the little girl next to him. She had her mom and dad crying. Plus Me I had some tears. My baby is now a big boy! I am so proud of him!

Jayden's first day of school he was so excited! He wanted me to take tons of pictures. He did so much better than the meet the teacher night. Jayden also had to show off his cool big boy back pack. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!

This was meet the teacher night. On the way to the school Jayden got nervous. He told me he wasn't ready to go to kindergarten. We got to his classroom and he clinged to me and would not leave my side. He wouldn't sit in his chair to take a picture so this was as close to it as I could get for his meet the teacher night.

Jayden was so excited to start Kindergarten. One of the nights we got home Jayden had a post card addressed to him welcoming him into Mrs. Atteberry's class. He was so excited he had me read it 3 times. He really liked the part of Dear Jayden.

This was Jayden's last week in Pre-K. He got into the 100 club. He counted to 100 by himself. We practiced so hard every day. Jayden was so excited! They got to have Banana Splits. We will miss Essential Steps daycare and all the great teachers and friends. But Jayden told me he is 5 he HAS to go to Kindergarten now.