Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Me at Dads and Diane's....we had a pretty good day.

We are going to Temple Square to see the lights tonight.

I will add some of those pictures later. Also for everyone in

Texas I will add the pictures of all the snow we got. Hope everyone

Had a Very Merry Christmas because we did.

Grandpa and Ariana....Jayden was asleep by the

time we got to Grandpa Johnsons.

These dogs were super loveable....Jayden loved it!

The best part was Aunt Debbie's house when Jayden

got to play with Bosworth. Jayden crawled all over this dog

but the dog just layed there.

Jayden loved opening presents.....if it was something to do with


Christmas morning...Crystal got me AWESOME cookie

Monster pajama's. Jayden trying to wake up.

Aunt Crystal helping Jayden Hang his ornament

Mandy, Justin and Peyton at family party

Peyton giving Jayden cute!

Jayden smashing mommys cheeks. At the family party.

Me and Ariana

First day back in Utah Me, Ariana and Jayden

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jayden and Ariana dancing...Thanks for the pictures I am
Really missing Jayden alot....I am so glad he got to spend the day with
Ariana and Aunt Crystal. This week he is going to be with his other Grandma
Hopefully I can get some more pictures during the week.

Everyone that has kids knows how the kids love playing with all the
stuff on Grandma & Grandpa Westenskows Fridge...

Jayden at Grandma & Grandpa Westenskows house.

Ariana and Jayden

Jayden left for Utah on Dec 13th....He got to Spend Saturday
With Ariana and Aunt Crystal....They went to Ariana's Basketball Game.
Mommy doesn't get to Utah till the 23rd I really miss him!!! Thanks for sending the
Pictures Ariana and Crystal.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Allison & Steven

The party was on December 1st.

Me and Misty at Sabrina's Birthday Party.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me, Amanda, Misty and Sabrina....In other words we call us SMAK!

Sabrina Birthday party.