Monday, December 14, 2009

This last week Jayden has been more than ready for Christmas. Every single day he asks. Can I open presents we tell him no. Then he will say is it Christmas we say no. He will ask in the morning it will be Christmas, No. He was eating dinner and said will it be Christmas after dinner, No. Yesterday he was playing in his room and he would come down stairs and said mom come get me when it is Christmas. I said ok. Then a few minutes later he said are you going to come get me I said yes but it is not christmas. So last night I did the Christmas Chain so that we can tear off a part of the chain clear up till Christmas. So last night we counted them and we got to tear one off last night. After we tore it off Jayden says it's Christmas! I said no when all the chains are gone. It is going to be a long 11 days for Jayden.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday while we were out shopping around for sales we drove into WalMart parking lot and we saw someone with puppies. When I saw the sign that said Labs I knew we were in trouble. Chris has been wanting a lab as long as I have known him. Well we pulled up and sure thing we got one. It's another girl. So along with Bella she has a new friend. She is alot of fun!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. It was just me and Chris. Jayden was in Utah and Kayla was with her mom. But I made a turkey, stuffing, 3 pies, mash patatoes and home made macoroni and cheese (Chris's request) it all turned out great. Thanks mom for all the recipes. Friday afternoon we got the tree out and put it up. We also had some friends over it was a good weekend for us!