Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Took over 50 pictures and we got one really good one of the kids. We had so much fun when Aunt Crystal came to visit. But for some strange reason we didn't pull out the camera very much except for this one day.

We still worked on getting them all to look. But going thru all the pictures made me smile on how cute they are and the faces they make. Before Jayden was always the youngest and we always had to say keep smiling until Jayden looks at the camera. As you can see Jayden still looks away and gets distracted.

As you can see we tried different poses but only got maybe 2 or 3 to look, But never at the same time but still cute anyways.

Crystal, Ariana and Canyon came to visit TX a couple weeks ago. We tried getting everyone's picture taken but it was definitely interesting. But I posted them anyways. Looking at what each one does in each picture is so cute and funny.