Monday, December 14, 2009

This last week Jayden has been more than ready for Christmas. Every single day he asks. Can I open presents we tell him no. Then he will say is it Christmas we say no. He will ask in the morning it will be Christmas, No. He was eating dinner and said will it be Christmas after dinner, No. Yesterday he was playing in his room and he would come down stairs and said mom come get me when it is Christmas. I said ok. Then a few minutes later he said are you going to come get me I said yes but it is not christmas. So last night I did the Christmas Chain so that we can tear off a part of the chain clear up till Christmas. So last night we counted them and we got to tear one off last night. After we tore it off Jayden says it's Christmas! I said no when all the chains are gone. It is going to be a long 11 days for Jayden.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday while we were out shopping around for sales we drove into WalMart parking lot and we saw someone with puppies. When I saw the sign that said Labs I knew we were in trouble. Chris has been wanting a lab as long as I have known him. Well we pulled up and sure thing we got one. It's another girl. So along with Bella she has a new friend. She is alot of fun!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. It was just me and Chris. Jayden was in Utah and Kayla was with her mom. But I made a turkey, stuffing, 3 pies, mash patatoes and home made macoroni and cheese (Chris's request) it all turned out great. Thanks mom for all the recipes. Friday afternoon we got the tree out and put it up. We also had some friends over it was a good weekend for us!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you to my sister. She watched Jayden Thursday night and took Friday off work and had Jayden all day. Crystal took Jayden to see my mom and dad! This is Jayden and his Cousin Canyon that he always talks to but never met. So cute!!!
My sister called me Friday night Laughing to tell me my dads garage was broken into I said thats not funny... She goes I know your son is... She told me they called the police and When the cop got there Jayden started interrigating the He first started off with Whats your name? Is that your cop car? Can I see your cop car? The cop told Jayden he would show him his car after he talked to Jayden's grandpa. As the cop was walking with my dad outside Jayden opens up the door and yells at the cop and says can I see the Jail to?! He is to freakin cute! I miss him like Crazy.
Last night he called to tell me it was snowing and it broke the TV. I guess the snow covered the dish to make the TV not work. Then Jayden said to me. I am going to get you mom love you bye. I miss him!
Thank you again Crystal for taking Jayden and sending the cute picture!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don't have any pictures but wanted to say how cute Jayden is. We had a great Halloween. We went over to my only relative that lives in TX my brothers house. When we got out of the car we realized that Jayden and his cousin Ethan were both the transformer bumblebee. Well we ended up going to my brothers neighbors house they have about 4 kids and they started going trick or treating. Wow I have never seen so many kids trick or treating in my life. The sidewalks would get so full that they were walking in the streets. My brother followed the kids around in the gulf cart and me and Chris were in our car. If the other kids didn't get tired Jayden never would have stopped trick or treating. We then went over to my brothers neighbors. The kids played and we all ate left about 11:30 Jayden was still wired ready to go. When I put him to bed that night he said tomorrow I am going to go trick or treating. He had alot of fun.
Jayden also started pre-K about 3 weeks ago and he loves it!!! He is learning letters and numbers. He is constantly counting and singing his abc's. Every week they have a new letter they learn. So his homework every night it to go to school with a new word that starts with that letter. Well his first week was the letter J. So we came up with Jump and Jayden. Well Jayden put them to gether and did Jumping Jayden. On our way to school one morning I go Jayden what starts with the letter J? He goes Jumping Jayden. I said that is awesome and he goes I know I am handsome... It was to cute!!!
Jayden left SAturday Nov 14th to Utah. It was very very hard and still is hard. I have talked to him every day since he has been gone. Me and Chris are going to have no kids around for Thanksgiving this year. So we are going to do the shopping on Friday morning. I am excited about that. We did it for the first time last year and we got alot of good stuff.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This last weekend we bought a pumpkin. All last week Jayden has been wanting a scary pumpkin. So we got the tracing kits that have different pictures to cut out on a pumpkin. Of course Jayden wanted the hardest picture. Chris cut off the top and Jayden got to help clean it out. Jayden said eww that is grose! Jayden loves the pumpkin he tells it goodnight.... its cute! Chris did a really good job. But Chris did say that next time they are just going to cut out a face.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This last weekend we didn't do much we stayed at the house alot. We smoked ALOT of meat which was nice because we have dinners made for this whole week. Jayden loves to help Chris wash the truck. Every weekend when we go outside Jayden asks to wash the cars. He did a great job especially on mommy's car as you can see he spent alot of time ont he bumper. I told him that is the best looking bumper ever. Jayden goes yeah I know. He also loves spraying the cars and if you don't watch him he likes spraying you to. We stayed outside most the weekend the only bad part was me and Jayden got a few chiggar bites but other than that it was a very nice relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is our new addition since Fathers day. We went out to Chris's sisters house and she had this puppy and we had both kids with us and his sister couldn't really give her the attention she needed and the kids really wanted her (ok and i did to) soooooo.... we took her home. Kayla named her Bella after the movie Twilight. She is part Shitzu and yorkie.There not the best pictures but these were taken by my phone. Plus she is a puppy and keeping her still right now has been very hard.

This last weekend was pretty nice. We cleaned the whole house Saturday. We cleaned out Jaydens toy box and clothes. Sunday we played outside from the time we were done with breakfast till dinner time.. We were so wore out that we broke down and got McDonalds Sunday night. We washed my car and Chris's truck. We played baseball, Threw the football around, Jayden drove his hummer and chased our dog. The weather was so nice Sunday. It stayed in about the 80's with a small wind. Very nice! As you can tell we wore Jayden out. He was ready for bed Sunday night no complaints! (I know I need to get better on the pictures since we did all that stuff and these are the only 2 pictures to show for it.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I would like to welcome my new baby nephew Canyon Robert Humphreys! He was born August 14th at 2:03 am. He weighed 9pds, 2 oz and 22.5 inches long. He had a difficult time getting here but he is doing well now. I wish I could give him a big kiss and be in Utah with Canyon and my family! I love you guys and keep the pictures coming my way!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought this was funny. I went to check on Jayden the other night and He was laying like this. Jayden moves so much when he is sleeping. One night I went to check on him and his feet were on his pillow, That morning when I went to get him ready for school his head was back on his pillow. He is the craziest sleeper.

Monday, July 13, 2009

While we were at the park the ice cream man came so he got a sponge bob ice cream. He wouldn't turn around. But he did have it all over him from head to toe. But he just went back out in the water and had it washed off. After we got home we had cake and ice cream. Jayden got a big Optimus Prime. He opened it and said this is Awesome! Then when we took it out of the box he was kind of scared of it. It talks and lights up. But he finally started playing with it. He was on the couch playing with his Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee Transformer I walked away for 5 min came out and he was sound asleep on the couch with his legs hanging off the couch and him holding both transformers at 6:00. So I put him in bed and he didn't wake up again till this morning for school. When he woke up this morning the first thing he asked for was he wanted some more transformer cake.

Anyone that knows Jayden knows he is my water baby. He will spend hours and hours playing in water. There is a park a mile from where we live that has all these cool different thinks that sprays out water. We took him there. I couldn't get any close up because when I would he would be running and it would be blurred. I finally got him sitting and being still and then this littl baby wouldn't get out of the way so Jayden is the one sitting.... If we would have let him he would have stayed and played all day long. WE would try to get him to go and say you want to open your presents he would say later. We asked him if he wanted his cake he said later. He loves coming to this park.

Sunday was Jayden's birthday he turned the big 4! Which to him he is a big boy... But to momma I am sad because my baby is getting older. But we had a good day. Since January Jayden has been asking for a Transformers cake. So he got one with his favorite Transformer Optimus Prime. He likes Bumble bee to.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am VERY Bad at taking pictures lately. We did not get any over the weekend. We made sure the battery in our camera got charged but we left the camera at home. We went out to East Texas to Chris's families house they live in the country about a hour from where we live. We played all day ate ALOT of food and did fireworks at night. Wait in Texas terms we "Popped" fireworks. Jayden LOVED it!!! He was so much better this year. Last year he wanted to hold the firwork by the wrong end. This year he held the sparkler perfect. He ran after they would light the firework. He had so much fun! There were alot of kids to play with. After the fireworks he crawled in my lap and he was out in 2 seconds. We had a lot of fun and I am kicking myself for not bringing the camera!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jayden also got to go Camping with his Grandpa and Grandma Boggess. Thanks for sending me the pictures he looks so cute! Last night Jayden got to spend the night at his Aunt Crystals I talked to him last night. He told me he was going to play. He wanted to talk to Chris but Chris was asleep. Jayden goes I go play and you go to bed ok momma. He said I love you and Crystal told me he kissed the phone. I MISS HIM!!! Thank you everyone for taking care of Jayden while he is in Utah!

Thank you Mike for sending pictures. This is Jayden at his uncle Michaels swimming. Jayden is my water baby. If he sees water he has to be in it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Well Jayden is in Utah now. He left on Friday which was really hard for me. After doing this 5 times already you think it would get easier but it gets harder every single time. Jayden left Friday with his cousins they drove to Austin then flew into Long Beach CA where they had to stay the night and got into Utah on SAturday. I talked to Jayden SAturday morning and he sounded good. He told me about his flight and tried to show me thru the phone his dog. He is just to cute! He gets back on June 25th we have 18 more days to go. Atleast it isn't like the last time going for 1 or 2 months.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One more I had to post this one... Jayden was so funny that day. I told Kayla and Chris whatever you do just constantly smile because it might take Jayden a few tries. Well he kept on tapping his foot and you kind of can tell in this picture. He is just so cute!!! He cracks us up all the time by the stuff he says. He will be 4 next month I can't beleive how fast it goes by. This Friday Jayden goes to Utah for a few weeks...We miss him already!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So excited we were able to get our pictures done. I had a friend do our pictures. Thanks Amanda!!! They turned out Great!

FINALLY Have our Family pictures... Me, Kayla, Jayden and Chris.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jayden and Kayla playing in Jayden's Jeep. The other one is Jayden pushing his jeep. Sometimes he would get it stuck so he would get mad. So if I told him Jayden push your truck he would say I can't. I said use those muscles he would get out and push it then when he was done he would say see my muscles. It was cute!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is Jayden truck. He loves it. He will drive it then get out and put gas in it, he will wash it and then get in. He will drive it somemore then couple min later he puts more gas in it and washes it. It is really cute to watch him. He also does a great job running into fences and trees. Everytime I took a picture he would look away so no face shot. Put he looks cute anyways!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ok I am really bad at this stuff but I am trying to get better. Since I have been married alot of people have asked about Chris and his daughter. This is the most recent picture I have of the 2 of them. Her name is Kayla she is 9. This was at the old Cowboys stadium where she did Cheer competition. I am working on getting our family picture done in the next couple of weeks. I have a good friend that takes pictures. We Only get Kayla every other weekend so it will be a few weeks till we are able to get all 4 of us together. It has been 3 weeks since me and Chris Got married and it just keeps getting better!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This was taken this morning right before I woke him up. Jayden sleeps so hard. I have to turn the lights on take the covers off and lift him up and sit him in his chair in his room for him to finally start waking up. I can yell his name, clap my hands and tickle him and he stays sounds asleep. I also thought he looked so cute in his race car bed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exciting news Me and Chris made it official. We got Married Friday April 24th.

ok got it to download kind of. Might be blurry it is from my phone. Once you take Jayden's picture he wants another and another. Before you couldn't even get him to look at the camera.

I thought this was a cute picture from last night. I was cooking dinner and came around the corner and Jayden was just laying on Chris. After I took this one he wanted me to take more of him and Chris. I can't get them to download for some reason so as soon as I do I will they are cute!

I know I know what am I thinking posting a bug like this. Well I have a cute story behind it. The other day Jayden said theres a pony. I was like where. He goes I get a pony. I was thinking ok why does he want a pony all of a sudden. Well yesterday when I picked him up at school they were playing outside and Jayden goes look Momma a pony and shows me in his hand. He was meaning a Rollie Pollie thats what they call these bugs in Texas. So now I know what a pony is Its a rollie pollie bug. I thought it was cute!

Thank you Papa Boggess for the cool new shirt. Jayden loves the cars to! He takes the cars in the bath, to school and plays with them till he goes to bed. He likes making them crash because they fall apart and you can put them back together again.