Monday, June 9, 2008

After we were done swimming Jayden was sooo tired! When we left Amanda's house he was in the car maybe 2 min and he was asleep. But he had so much fun!

Jayden loved floating with nanda as long as she was in it.

Jayden and Co Co (Corbin)

Jayden With "nanda" (Amanda)

Saturday Me and Jayden went swimming atat "nandas" (amanda) Thats what Jayden calls her. Jayden was so excited he had a Cars life Jacket and swim shorts. We got in the pool and he was nervous at first but then he did really well after he felt comfortable.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We had fun on Memorial day. I also went to the lake with some friends. They have a pretty neat place on the lake were they always have a live band and dancing it is alot of fun.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

It was good!!

Memorial weekend I went to a barbeque at Amanda and Casey's house. They have a pool. This is my first time "Shucking corn" They thought it was crazy I have neer heard that. So they took a picture.

I think Jayden won P Pa.... Jayden had alot of fun with his grandparents. He had lots of fun with his Grandma Boggess to. She is just the one taking all the pictures. They leave this week. As Jayden always says if we can't see anyone he will tell me "P pa and Grandma all gone"

P Pa and Jayden at the park!

Jayden loves cars but he also loves Buzz from Toy story which he calls " Buzz Years" and he will say "Buzz years beyond" it is really cute!!! This is Jayden Showing P Pa his "buzz years"

P Pa and Jayden.

Memoral weekend Jayden's Grandma and Grandpa Boggess were in town. So he spent the holiday with them. He loves his Grandpa Boggess who he calls P Pa. It is really cute when he says it.