Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought this was funny. I went to check on Jayden the other night and He was laying like this. Jayden moves so much when he is sleeping. One night I went to check on him and his feet were on his pillow, That morning when I went to get him ready for school his head was back on his pillow. He is the craziest sleeper.

Monday, July 13, 2009

While we were at the park the ice cream man came so he got a sponge bob ice cream. He wouldn't turn around. But he did have it all over him from head to toe. But he just went back out in the water and had it washed off. After we got home we had cake and ice cream. Jayden got a big Optimus Prime. He opened it and said this is Awesome! Then when we took it out of the box he was kind of scared of it. It talks and lights up. But he finally started playing with it. He was on the couch playing with his Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee Transformer I walked away for 5 min came out and he was sound asleep on the couch with his legs hanging off the couch and him holding both transformers at 6:00. So I put him in bed and he didn't wake up again till this morning for school. When he woke up this morning the first thing he asked for was he wanted some more transformer cake.

Anyone that knows Jayden knows he is my water baby. He will spend hours and hours playing in water. There is a park a mile from where we live that has all these cool different thinks that sprays out water. We took him there. I couldn't get any close up because when I would he would be running and it would be blurred. I finally got him sitting and being still and then this littl baby wouldn't get out of the way so Jayden is the one sitting.... If we would have let him he would have stayed and played all day long. WE would try to get him to go and say you want to open your presents he would say later. We asked him if he wanted his cake he said later. He loves coming to this park.

Sunday was Jayden's birthday he turned the big 4! Which to him he is a big boy... But to momma I am sad because my baby is getting older. But we had a good day. Since January Jayden has been asking for a Transformers cake. So he got one with his favorite Transformer Optimus Prime. He likes Bumble bee to.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am VERY Bad at taking pictures lately. We did not get any over the weekend. We made sure the battery in our camera got charged but we left the camera at home. We went out to East Texas to Chris's families house they live in the country about a hour from where we live. We played all day ate ALOT of food and did fireworks at night. Wait in Texas terms we "Popped" fireworks. Jayden LOVED it!!! He was so much better this year. Last year he wanted to hold the firwork by the wrong end. This year he held the sparkler perfect. He ran after they would light the firework. He had so much fun! There were alot of kids to play with. After the fireworks he crawled in my lap and he was out in 2 seconds. We had a lot of fun and I am kicking myself for not bringing the camera!