Thursday, April 30, 2009

This was taken this morning right before I woke him up. Jayden sleeps so hard. I have to turn the lights on take the covers off and lift him up and sit him in his chair in his room for him to finally start waking up. I can yell his name, clap my hands and tickle him and he stays sounds asleep. I also thought he looked so cute in his race car bed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exciting news Me and Chris made it official. We got Married Friday April 24th.

ok got it to download kind of. Might be blurry it is from my phone. Once you take Jayden's picture he wants another and another. Before you couldn't even get him to look at the camera.

I thought this was a cute picture from last night. I was cooking dinner and came around the corner and Jayden was just laying on Chris. After I took this one he wanted me to take more of him and Chris. I can't get them to download for some reason so as soon as I do I will they are cute!

I know I know what am I thinking posting a bug like this. Well I have a cute story behind it. The other day Jayden said theres a pony. I was like where. He goes I get a pony. I was thinking ok why does he want a pony all of a sudden. Well yesterday when I picked him up at school they were playing outside and Jayden goes look Momma a pony and shows me in his hand. He was meaning a Rollie Pollie thats what they call these bugs in Texas. So now I know what a pony is Its a rollie pollie bug. I thought it was cute!

Thank you Papa Boggess for the cool new shirt. Jayden loves the cars to! He takes the cars in the bath, to school and plays with them till he goes to bed. He likes making them crash because they fall apart and you can put them back together again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I had to post this even though I don't have a picture. Sunday morning when we got up Chris (fiance) took Jayden and his daughter Kayla upstairs and they came back and Jayden had a card for me. He handed it to me and said Happy Birthday momma... It was so cute. I started to open it and Jayden goes let me do it. So he takes my card out and goes see momma it's for you your birthday. Then he took the card and tried to put it in the envelope. I didn't even get to Read it. Chris had Kayla and Jayden sign the card. Chris obviously helped Jayden sign his name but below it Chris told Jayden to draw me a picture. I got some scribbles below. CUTE! It was a very Good birthday weekend. Chris and the kids took me to Sam Moon to shop and then we had dinner. Sunday they gave me there card and got me a cake. Jayden sang Happy Birthday all by himself which turned into twinkle little star some how but the best Happy Birthday song I ever heard!!! It was a great weekend!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The easter egg hat that Jayden is wearing he made at school last week and wanted to wear it while he looked for easter eggs.

The Easter egg Hat Jayden is wearing he made at school last week and he wanted to wear it while he looked for Easter eggs.

SAturday We took Jayden to go see the movie Monsters vs Aliens and he loved it. After we came home and colored Easter Eggs. Sunday Jayden got a easter basket full of cars and another Easter bucket with Spiderman to look for his easter eggs. It was raining outside so the easter Bunny had to hide the eggs in the house but Jayden found all of them all by himself. Jayden wanted me to catch the Easter Bunny but I told Jayden he got away because he was really fast like Lightning McQueen. Jayden said thats ok Mommy. It was cute! We had a fun Easter even if we had to look for Easter eggs in the house.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A week ago we were hanging out at Uncle Reid's house waiting for him to get home. Jayden wanted me to take a picture of him on my phone. He did his famous Hulk pose, superman, crazy face and his wink pose. Then his pose just being absoulutely cute! After each pose Jayden had to look at the picture to see it. He would look at me and go thats me Jayden. He says the cuttest things to me. He is doing great at school. The other day Jayden got to be Helper of the day! He was sooooooo excited! He came home and told me over and over he was the helper of the day. When it was bath time he didn't want to take his shirt off cause it had the sticker saying he was helper of the day. After his bath he wanted the sticker on his pajama's.
Also we were driving home from school and he had his cars back pack. I said jayden I want a back pack can I have yours? He said no you have a pink back pack. I said will you buy me one. He said know Grandma will. It was so cute!
The other morning Jayden took his spiderman with him in the car and he goes momma I am spiderman. I go well I am batman, Jayden said no your mommy. It was so cute! The things he will say. He tells you everything he did at school and the kids name he played with. Right now his best friends are Spencer and Emar. Very cute kids. When I pick him up Atleast 2 or 3 kids will yell Jayden your mommy's here. His teacher has told me that Jayden has alot of friends. He is counting, singing his abc's. Right now he loves the 3 little monkeys swinging in a tree song.